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PDF Service Plugin Configuration Guide

Insert your logo

In the folder Content of the plugin, replace the file Logo.png with your own logo image. Create a high resolution png image of your logo, so it shows crisp on screen and printed. The sample logo is 5000 pixels wide and 900 pixels high. But be also careful about the size of the image, so the generated PDF's are as small as possible. Change the aspect ratio of the image to control the height of the image in the PDF. Add/remove space at the bottom of the image to control the vertical position of the following text. 

Insert your footer image

In the folder Content of the plugin, replace the file Footer.png with your own footer image. Just rename the file if you don't want a footer image.

Change the font

In the folder Content of the plugin, replace the file Font.ttf with the font file you want to use. The files for the fonts Open Sans, Free Serif and Arial are already available in the folder, but you can use any ttf font file you want. 

Change Configuration

In the folder Content of the plugin, open the file Config.txt. You will find the following configuration object. Set your values and save the file.

   PageSize: "A4",
   PageMarginLeft: 60,
   PageMarginRight: 30,
   PageMarginTop: 30,
   PageMarginBottom: 30,
   FontSize: 10,
   FontSizeSmall: 8,
   FontSizeLarge: 22,
   TextColorR: 50,
   TextColorG: 50,
   TextColorB: 50,
   CellBorderColorR: 220,
   CellBorderColorG: 220,
   CellBorderColorB: 220,
   CellHeaderBackgroundColorR: 240,
   CellHeaderBackgroundColorG: 240,
   CellHeaderBackgroundColorB: 240,
   LogoAllPages: false,
   PackagingSlipShowBillingAddress: false,
   PackagingSlipHideShipmentNumber: false,
   PackagingSlipHideSKU: false,
   CatalogFullDescription: true